Michael Tetrick
Mike Tetrick joined Essex in January 2008, concentrating primarily on business development, asset valuations and multi-family brokerage throughout Chicago. Mike believes "it's not how far you go in life that matters most, but what you leave behind" and he applies this kind-hearted philosophy to every aspect of his private life, personal relationships and business practices. Mike believes that “the best deals are win-win and are most likely to occur when fully informed clients receive honest, communicative and professional representation." Mike has also used his education to work as a HS substitute teacher, an athletic coach, a small business owner and continues to mentor “at risk kids” in the Chicago public schools, as well as inmates at the Cook County Department of Corrections.

Prior to joining Essex, Mike spent twenty years as a military fighter pilot (flying the A-7, F-5, A-10 and F-16) and retired in 1997 as a Lt. Col. from the United States Air Force / Arizona ANG. Mike continues his twenty-five year civilian aviation career as a Captain and Check Airman with American Airlines. Mike has been involved with real estate since graduating college in 1979 and began his commercial real estate career in 2005 as a multi-family acquisitions analyst with Dimensions Management.

Mike resides in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood with his lovely wife, Gianna - a lifetime Chicagoan, who he met through their mutual involvement with the Make-A-Wish foundation. His two adult children, Ryan and Renee, live, work and thrive in beautiful downtown Chicago.
Mike received a BS/BS degree from the University of Arizona, an MBA from the Florida Institute of Technology and continues his educational and self-improvement efforts to make the world a better place on a daily basis.