Jordan Gottlieb on The Status of The Chicago Multifamily Market: Straight Up Chicago Investor Podcast

September 12, 2023

Episode 240 of the Straight Up Chicago Investor podcast featuring Essex Realty Group Principal, Jordan Gottlieb, focuses on real estate investing in Chicago with insights on the multifamily market, supply and demand dynamics, future outlook for the rental market, and tips for buyers in the apartment market.

Insights and Key Points:

1: Strong Rental Market in Chicago

  • The rental market in Chicago has been one of the top rental markets in the entire country during 2023 with strong rent increases on renewals and new leases.

    2: Chicago’s Supply and Demand Dynamics

  • Chicago faces challenges in meeting the demand for housing due to limited land availability and slow construction pace, leading to a potential shortage of supply.

    3: Future Outlook for the Chicago rental market

  • The demand for rental properties in Chicago is expected to remain strong, driven by strong demand from recent Midwest college gradautes and limited availability of single-family homes for purchase.

    4: Tips for Investors in the Chicago apartment market.

  • Investors should consider working with multiple lenders to explore different financing options. Pricing in the sales market is often lender constrained.

    Source: “Episode 240: What is Going on In the Chicago Multifamily Market?” Produced by Flint Stone Media. Straight Up Chicago Investor. August 29, 2023, Podcast, 15:27.

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