Empowering our clients to make optimal decisions.


A Proven Process

Since 1990, Essex has endeavored to develop an Efficient Marketplace in Chicago for our clients. We have catalogued every multi-family apartment building, property owner, developer and investor in the Chicagoland area. We carefully track every mid-market, multi-family, and mixed-use property available for sale and the details of every transaction that closes. Then, we continually analyze, interpret, update, and repeat, as there are no shortcuts to thoroughness.

To execute this, we have developed a culture comprised of experienced multi-family brokers who understand how to solve problems, who negotiate effectively, and who facilitate passionately on behalf of our clients. The result is Essex’ unique ability to provide an Efficient Marketplace for our clients in an otherwise inefficient industry.

Client relationships
  • High Agent Tenure
  • Technology Enhanced Platform
  • Continuous Flow of Exclusive Inventory
  • Reliable & Pre-Screened Operating Data


Cooperation and Collaboration Designed for Client Success

A cohesive team of experienced multi-family brokers partnering with clients delivers superior results. In every other industry there is typically a single professional with whom clients can develop a meaningful relationship. In the mid-market brokerage industry, this common-sense approach is typically ignored. This old way of thinking may reward a few aggressive brokers, but that is vastly different than rewarding clients with the best service and results.

At Essex, our approach to having a single client point of contact ensures that we work cooperatively as a team and on behalf of every client. This simple but uncommon approach to the business results in better sharing of information, opportunities and market knowledge. Essex’ unique approach benefits our sellers with the greatest market exposure and benefits our buyers with seeing widest range of multi-family and mixed-use opportunities.

Repeat clients
  • Our Collaborative Environment Maximizes Client Opportunities
  • Relationships Result in Better Understanding of Clients’ Needs
  • Essex Strength is in Taking Long View Approach
  • Collectively our Platform Blankets the Entire Multi-Family Marketplace in the Chicagoland Area


Salesmen tell you what you want to hear, advisors help you make the best decisions.

Essex’ mandate is to provide thoughtful and detailed analyses so that our clients can make informed decisions. This advisory approach is not limited merely to the Valuation. We evaluate multiple options beyond simply the sales price, including Cost/Benefit Analysis for Capital Improvements, ROI analysis, 1031 strategies, and Refinance options.

While that may appear in contrast with a Broker’s goal to sell property, this advisory approach is the foundation of our long-term approach to relationships. In fact, our experience is that Owners typically don’t hire a real estate Broker who happens to call them at the right time. Instead, they hire the best real estate Broker who has also provided them with consistent, honest and useful information during the course of their investment.

Average years of real estate experience
  • Detailed Asset Valuation for all Property Types Including Multi-Family and Mixed-Use Buildings
  • Strategic Acquisition or Disposition Strategies
  • Honest & Informed Advice
  • 1031 Strategies
  • Condo Deconversions


Astute Financial Decisions are Made by Well Informed Investors

Investing requires balancing macro considerations with granular market data. With nearly 30 years of transacting, Essex has had to anticipate and respond to countless changing market conditions. These experiences have greatly shaped our big picture perspective.

In addition, Essex has compiled for our clients a database comprised of 30 years of granular property information. The foundation of Essex’ success is the depth of our specific market knowledge as it relates to multi-family apartments and mixed-use properties throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. Utilizing this information, we are able to provide our clients with guidance on multi-family and mixed-use property valuations and effective marketing strategies.

Chicagoland multi-family and mixed-use buildings analyzed annually
  • Market Rent & Sales Comparable Surveys
  • Data Powered Platform
  • Macro & Micro Market Trends
  • Experience Driven Solutions

Sample of clients represented